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Certified Flight Instructor Course


With a certified flight instructor certificate, you can build the flight time you need while teaching others what you’re passionate about.

Training options:

- Pay by the hour and learn at your own pace.  There are no time restrictions for completion and you can purchase supplies as you need them.  
- Purchase the Certified Flight Instructor Course.  The course must be completed within 30 days and includes everything you need to become obtain your Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.

Course Details:  

This Course is to obtain the initial Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.  You must have your Commercial Pilot Certificate prior to starting this course.

20 hours Ground Instruction

15 hours Flight Instruction

10 hours Airplane Rental in Cessna 172

5 hours Airplane Rental in Cessna 172RG

Written Exam Fee (2 written Exam Fees, $300.00, paid to the testing center)

Oral and Practical Exam Fee ($1,000.00 paid to Examiner, *Free if FSDO does checkride)

Supplies:  As needed.  Syllabus, Workbook, Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Airplane Flying Handbook, Jacksonville and Miami Sectional Charts and Oral Exam Guide.